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Cordia is Hungary’s leading residential unit developer. Our residential units are built at the most popular sites of the tenancy market in Budapest, that is why they can be let out quickly and for a price above the district average, thus guaranteeing an excellent investment opportunity and maximal return for the owners.

It was years ago that Cordia established its Property Management team, whose task is to use the experience gathered during the past years to support the owners of apartments purchased as an investment:

• to choose the apartments,
• to select the furnishing,
• to find tenants,
• to manage the real estate.

If you accept our services, you have nothing else to do but sit back and relax and enjoying the benefits of your investment. Cordia Property Management represents your interests at the highest standard in line with the demands of the current Hungarian market.

Mainly foreign people seek fully furnished and properly equipped apartments at Corvin Promenade. The Property Management team also provides a solution to this by:

• providing interior design services free of charge,
• undertaking the selection,
• purchase,
• and installation.

of the furniture, electrical appliances and all the other accessories.
This guarantees quality furnishings and ensures that each apartment will have a unique design.
As we have furnished more than 150 apartments so far, we have gained considerable experience in selecting the ideal price-to-value ratio, ensuring long term practicality in combination with unique design.

By purchasing a Cordia apartment you not only become the owner of high quality real estate but also the proprietor of an excellent investment opportunity. These high quality, meticulously furnished apartments require a specific type of tenant who we are very experienced in selecting.
At present the Property Management team at Cordia is responsible for letting more than 350 real estates at Corvin Promenade alone. The proportion of apartments to let is below 1% for the majority of the year.
The rent is continuously adjusted to the market potential, thereby ensuring a win-win position between tenants and letters.

Services related to apartment letting:

• Advertising – Internet search engines (we pay special attention to sites frequented by young people), online advertisements and banners, directly contacting market-leader companies, universities

• Presentation – We continuously present the apartments furnished by us even during the furnishing process, which accelerates the letting process

• Administration – we prepare the entire letting documentation and manage the contract process, which is preceded by a thorough discussion with both the owner and the tenant

Our professional Property Management Services currently benefit 350 customers who purchased apartments as investments providing them with the comfort and security they require.

Management services offer the following:

• the electronic notification of our customers about the technical, financial and other events requiring information concerning the apartment,
• monitoring that stipulations set forth in the tenancy contract are adhered to, especially the precise fulfilment of the payment obligation, sanctioning the tenant in the event of any payment delay in conformity with the contract,
• the preparation of a comprehensive inventory when the apartment is handed over,
• recording and continuous follow-up of the figures of the meters,
• visiting the apartments personally minimum once a quarter,
• providing representation in contact with public utilities, comprehensive administration of formal documents, collecting inbound letters and formal notifications, forwarding these to the owner or the agent,
• assisting in the enforcement and management of repairs under guarantee, organising any maintenance works in the apartment.

For prospective investors

Contact us and we can help you decide so that you can invest the amount intended for purchasing a real estate in the best possible manner:
• The size of flat and type of furnishing and the project you should choose
• The income you can realise by letting a Cordia apartment

For current investors

We will gladly advise you on the best use for your Cordia apartment:
• If you own an apartment at Corvin Promenade but you do not know how much your real estate is worth
• If you intend to sell your apartment but you do not know who to turn to
• There is a tenant in your apartment, is this advantageous or disadvantageous if you sell it?
• You would like to let your rented apartment with better conditions.

Do not hesitate to call us!
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