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Fiabci Prix d’Excellence Awards

Corvin Promenade, 2011

Corvin Promenade has been awarded with yet another international property title

After winning the Award of Excellence in Hungarian Property Development, the Corvin Promenade has been selected for the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence in the category of specialised projects.

The Corvin Promenade has raked in a number of titles over the past year already, including Europe’s best mixed-use development project at the International Property Awards and the Award of Excellence in Hungarian Property Development, and it was also voted best retail development at the Hungarian CIJ Awards.

Having garnered such widespread accolades both in Hungary and abroad goes a long way in reinforcing Futureal’s conviction that, even in today’s economic turmoil, a creative attitude and strategy, combined with complex, top-of-the-line quality developments, can and will translate into achievements and progress. From a startup working with just a handful of employees, Futureal has grown into a well-funded developer operating in three countries with a staff of over 120. Throughout the past few years it has delivered projects with a total value of over EUR 500 million, with additional developments in the pipeline – either scheduled or under preparation – amounting to nearly EUR 1 billion.

Partnership as a new strategy

Another stage in the conglomerate’s development is reflected in the strategic objective of Futureal to become one of the best investment and development partner in the CEE region which, in addition to financial investments, contributes to mutual success by professional expertise and significant added value. It has gained considerable experience in partnering with private and municipal clients in Hungary and abroad, and the resulting partnerships stood both the test of time and the economic crisis.

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